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Guy Arrested for “Liking” Ex’s Facebook Post

Monday, August 31, 2015

bail bondHopefully this guy has finally gotten the message… him and his Ex are NEVER, ever, ever getting back together!

Justin Bellanco, 26, recently violated a no-contact restraining order after “liking” photos on his ex-girlfriend, April Holland’s Facebook page. Ya… when she filed a restraining order against you, you should probably not be making your presence known on her Facebook page!

Holland had previously obtained a protection of abuse order against Bellanco with claims that he had been stalking and harassing not only her, but her friends, as well! He also threatened to shoot her in the knee cap and watch her suffer. Probably not going to stand much of a chance of getting back together after that!

After he decided to make an appearance on her Facebook page, Holland called the cops, who arrested Bellanco immediately. Not only did he “like” one of her Facebook photos, he liked 22 of them! 
Bellanco was arraigned and released on $5,000 unsecured bail. Let’s hope he finally got the message. 

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Original article and image credit: Jenkins Township Man Charged With Contempt of Court for “Liking” Ex-Girlfriend’s Facebook Photos