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Unlikely Suspect in Theft of $520K Lottery Ticket

Saturday, August 29, 2015

bail bondWhen you win the lottery with a ticket worth $520,000, you expect that you can trust to share the good news with your family! Not so, for this poor Florida woman!

Michael Royston, 49, tried to cash in the winning ticket that he stole from his NIECE after she shared her good news with her Uncle. He now faces charges of trying to pass a lottery ticket with the intent to defraud, filing a false claim for payment and grant theft over $100,000. 

Royston claims that he received the ticket as a gift, but for some crazy reason, he couldn’t provide the name of the person who had given it to him. Weird?!

His niece, on the other hand, tells police she showed the ticket to her Uncle after realizing she had the winning numbers and he subsequently stole it from her.

Of course, he tried to cash the prize, which is when Florida officials were made aware that it had already been reported stolen. Royston told police he found the ticket under the seat of his car. Which is weird, because he later claimed she gave it to him as a gift. Something definitely doesn’t add up!

He currently remains in jail on a $1,000 bail bond.

Original article and image credit: Connecticut Man Arrested Trying to Cash Stole Lottery Ticket in Florida