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“Gummy Bear Bandit” Finally In Jail Where He Deserves To Be

Thursday, July 30, 2015

gummy bear banditThis Albuquerque man simply couldn’t give up his love for candy, so he consistently kept stealing it! Greg Romero headed into a store, grabbed an armful of candy, and walked out. He didn’t walk out quietly, though! He threw gummy bears at clerks who were trying to stop him. However, he broke free, and of course, the vehicle he drove off in was a stolen car.

After an anonymous tip, they were able to find Romero and he was identified through photo lineups by the victims. They also found his fingerprints on the car he stole. He’s been charged with aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, receiving or transferring a stolen car, and… of course… shoplifting!

He remains in jail on a $50,000 bail bond. Romero also has prior felony convictions, along with another pending car theft charge from a couple months ago. Looks like this Candy Man isn’t going anywhere for awhile!

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Original article: “Gummy Bear Bandit” behind bars