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Gal Who Bailed on Cab Fare Ordered to Take LONG Walk

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This is one judge who takes doling out unusual punishments to the extreme! And the community loves him for it!

Victoria Bascom, 18, recently pled guilty for skipping out on the cab fare of a lengthy 30-mile trip.

This judge, however, decided to handle the case a little different. Judge Michael Cicconetti let her decide her fate of either serving 60 days in jail, or walking the 30 miles she skipped out on within 48 hours. She chose walking!
After also being sentenced to four months of probation, along with having to repay the cab fare of $100, she started her 48 hour journey with a GPS device secured to her body. An interesting way to avoid jail time!

This isn’t the only time Judge Cicconetti has handed out unusual sentences, however. Another case involved a young man pepper-spraying another individual and the judge sentenced him to either be sprayed with pepper spray, himself, or spend 30 days in jail. The man chose the spray. The judge, however, secretly traded out the substance with a harmless water-based spray, but he sure scared the daylights out of this guy!

In another story, he ordered a teen who was charged with playing his music too loud to sit in the woods in complete silence all be himself for an undisclosed amount of time. He also forced another man who called the police “pigs” to stand in the center of town with real pigs for two hours. What a sense of humor!

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Original article: Ohio Woman Must Walk 30 Miles - Same Distance As Taxi Fare She Refused to Pay: Judge