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Neighbor Loses Finger in Machete Fight

Thursday, June 11, 2015

These neighbors definitely aren’t feeling the love towards each other! After a dispute erupted over coffee, one South Philadelphia man found himself two fingers short!

Tensions boiled over for these neighbors when one man, 74, confronted another, 58, about vandalism that took place to his vehicle earlier. The 74-year-old wasn’t going to listen to a word anyone said, however, and soon he threw a cup of coffee at his neighbor. This is when the 58-year-old wasn’t going to take anymore of his nonsense.

He rushed into his house and came back out with an 18-inch machete, swinging repeatedly at the 74-year-old, eventually making contact. Two fingers were severed from the man’s left hand and he also suffered a large cut to the head.

After the police arrived, the machete was laying in the street and a neighbor, who witnessed the fight, said the victim had walked himself to the nearby hospital, where he was placed in critical condition.

The suspect was taken into custody after being treated for cuts to his own hands and legs. So much for “Do unto your neighbor as you would have done to you!”

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Original article and image credit:  Cops: Neighbor’s fingers severed with machete in fight involving coffee, vandalism claims