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Fornication and Fraud: A High Heel Drama

Friday, October 19, 2012

high heel dramaThe best part about writing the ExpertBail Blog is the ridiculous stories we get to read; stories about people doing everything from the hilarious to the ridiculous to the flat out stupid.  And most of the time, they end up in jail needing a bail bond.   Just when you think you have seen it all, a new story comes around that tops them all.  This next story might just be one of those great ones.  On the surface, it seems like just another couple getting arrested for having sex in a public park, but how they got caught and for what reason they are in trouble is what makes this story great.

Earlier this week a Hayward, California woman was arrested and faces up to a year in county jail.  She was caught in a public park having sex with a man.  But the crazy thing is that she wasn’t really in trouble for “where” she was performing the inappropriate act, but rather for the fact she actually “could” perform the inappropriate act.   What you need to understand is that the woman should have been on crutches.  She was currently out on leave from work due to a workers’ comp claim, and was being closely watched and monitored by an insurance fraud unit.  It was the special unit that saw the woman performing what must have been some kind of remarkable acrobatic sexual act that they immediately led them to be able to declare fraud.  Also, the woman was wearing a pretty courageous pair of high heel shoes.  In fact, a doctor claimed that in a pair of high heels “the encounter could not have been accomplished with the type of injury that this woman claimed to have.” 

Wow…what they heck was she doing?  We aren’t even sure what to say at this point other than read the original article below.

Original article: Woman caught in park tryst now headed to jail for bilking workers’ comp