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Florida Man Charged with Trying to Blow Up Target Stores to Tank Company’s Stock

Monday, February 20, 2017

mark barnettThis guy really had it out for Target! He was determined to tank the company’s stock, but when his plan was to do it by setting off homemade explosives in several East Coast Target stores was foiled by a co-conspirator, he was the one that was tanked!

Mark Charles Barnett, 48, was charged with “possession of a firearm affecting commerce by a previously convicted felon” after he offered an unidentified person $10K to put at least 10 explosives on the shelves of Target stores in New York, Florida and Virginia. The explosives were to be disguised as food items. What a scary thought!

Why? Because he figured it was the easiest way to get the company’s stock value to plummet, which would allow him to buy shares of Target stock on the cheap before it would rebound in price. Did he seriously think this would work and putting all those innocent lives in danger would be worth it?!

Barnett, who is also a registered sex offender who is on probation for multiple felonies, including kidnapping, sexual battery and grand theft auto, made the bombs at home. He then gave them to a different person, along with gloves, a mask and a license-plate cover, to do all of the dirty work. All of the homemade bombs were hidden in emptied-out containers of stuffing mix, breakfast bars and pasta.

The mystery person quickly went to the authorities and turned over all of the devices. Rocket motor igniters, M-5000 explosives and batteries were also found when Barnett’s home was searched. The homemade devices “were capable of causing property damage, serious injury or death to nearby persons upon detonation,” according to an explosives expert. 

If convicted, Barnett will face up to 10 years in federal prison. Looks like his get-rich-quick scheme went up in smoke, along with his future!  

Original article: Florida Man Charged With Trying to Blow Up Target Stores To Tank Company’s Stock

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image credit: Marion County Jail