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Inmates Escape Prison and Break Back In

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

atlanta jailInmates trying to break OUT of prison is nothing new, but trying to break back in?

That’s something that you don’t hear about…ever! Unless you are an inmate at a federal facility in Atlanta! Because it’s been happening for years there. Why in the world would the inmates keep going back?

A few years ago, the cops started investigating inmates “temporarily escaping” from the medium-security facility. Evidently, they were getting out through holes cut in the prison fence.

It was first noticed when a car was parked near the “escape route.” People in the car were wearing ski masks and jumpsuits and when they were spotted, they climbed the fence and ran back into the prison. In the car, the cops found bottles of  alcohol, 24 cell phones and two loaded handguns. Sounds like a prison break to us!

However, the area has been checked frequently since then and officer discovered the same thing happening over and over! Soon, surveillance cameras were installed.

Over a three week period, cops watched as inmates escaped, only to come back with large bags of contraband. Now it's starting to make sense. 

But that all came to a stop when Justin B. Stinson escaped through the fence to do the same exact thing. But when he was sneaking back in, FBI agents arrested him. They found a cell phone, pair of scissors, two 1.75-liter bottles of tequila, two cartons of Newport cigarettes, four boxes of Cigars and some food. Score!

The investigation is ongoing and we’ll see what happens with these inmates who just can’t get enough of prison!

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Original article: Inmates Escape, Grab Some Stuff, Sneak Back Into Prison - - For Years

image credit: CNN