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Florida Man Abducts Neighbor For Being Loud in Laundry Room

Friday, June 19, 2015

You just never know who your neighbors are! A man in Florida was accused of abducting a neighbor in their laundry room. Why? Because he claimed that her and her husband were making too much noise.

Leon Thurston, 61, went into Jessica Scoville’s home with a black baton and a handgun, entered the laundry room, and grabbed her by the wrist and took her from the home. He hit her husband, David, twice with the baton in order to escape the house with his wife.
David Scoville immediately called the police, but Jessica was able to get safety on her own. She asked Thurston if she could use a restroom and used it as a chance to escape and find help, which thank goodness, she was able to! She flagged down a police officer and was moved to a safe location. Thurston was taken into custody and had a gun on him when he was arrested. 

Thurston was charged with armed burglary, aggravated battery and kidnapping. Maybe the neighbors will consider starting a neighborhood watch program... for their own neighbors!

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Original article and image credit: Police: Man kidnaps neighbor for being too loud