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Drunk, Half-Naked Man Breaks into Stranger’s House for Chips

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

When someone breaks into your home and you are in the process of trying to figure out how you are going to handle the situation, it probably doesn’t occur to you that the person only entered your home looking for some chips.

That’s what happened to this resident, who called police after waking up to a stranger standing in his living room. Not only that, but he was only in his underwear! Apparently, Andrew Wozniak, 19, was incoherent and was just looking for a little snack to tide him over. 

When the resident told Wozniak to leave, he immediately complied. Police were called right away and they found the suspect walking down a nearby street in only his boxer shorts. They administered a breath test on him and he at a BAC of .106, over the legal limit. Of course… he denied that he had been drinking!While he was accepting his mandatory ride in the back of a police car, he allegedly asked several times why he was being arrested and repeatedly couldn’t remember the answer. The police took him to the local hospital for assessment, where he became extremely belligerent and threatening the doctors continuously. 

After he sobered up, he was taken back to jail where he now faces preliminary charges of illegal consumption, resident entry, disorderly conduct and intimidation. It definitely didn’t help that he was under the legal drinking age!

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Original article:  Sheriff: 19 y/o drunkenly entered home in boxers, threatened police