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Facebook Felonies: Bail Bonds and Crime Scene Selfies

Thursday, November 20, 2014

crime scene selfieThere is one thing that we all have in common nowadays, especially with the popularity of social media and advancements in smart phone technology, and that is we all love to take pictures and post them online.  Whether it is our latest meal, our mirror selfie or just a relaxing picture of our feet with a pretty beach sunset in the background, we all have become addicted to cell phone photography.  Today’s bail bond blog is about a guy who liked taking pictures with his cell phone a little too much.  Couple that with committing a horrendous crime, some poor judgment around the photo subject and the photo placement and you end up in jail.

Earlier this week in Billings, Montana, a suspected killer was captured by police.  The interesting thing about this case was that the killer was captured by a photo. And not just any photo, but a crime scene photo that he took, uploaded to Facebook page and even saved as the background image on his phone.  Maybe he was proud…maybe he was just stupid…either way, the cops had a pretty easy tim with this one and now have their man and the community will be a little safer.  Read the original story below. Crime scene photo on phone leads police to suspect

Original story: Crime scene photo on phone leads police to suspect

Posted by: Eric Granof

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