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Bail Bonds and Bad Tattoos: You Won’t “Belleve” This One

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

mispelled tattoosThe next time your child argues with you about having to practice his spelling for school, share with them this scary and informative bail bond blog post.  While most of us nowadays don’t really think about spelling and grammar, thanks to autocorrect and spellcheck (BTW...back in the old days about 20 years ago, we actually had to learn how to spell in school), this next story will probably make you pay a little more attention to details.  Unfortunately for a young 13 year-old girl in England, it doesn’t appear that she put much thought into the importance of spelling and double checking your work.

Earlier this week a 19 year old tattoo artist learned that he was going to be spending the next 8 months in jail.  Why?  Because of a simple spelling mistake.  Unfortunately that spelling mistake was made while he was tattooing the word “Believe” on a young 13 year old girl’s neck.  There are so many things wrong with that one sentence I am not even sure where to begin.  First, a thirteen year old getting a tattoo? Really?  Next, how does someone misspell the word “Believe”?  Anyway, according to the article the young girl is now wearing her hair down to cover her permanent spelling mistake and waiting for laser surgery to remove the tattoo.  The girl’s mother seems to be taking things in stride and believes that her daughter is being taught a tough lesson.  Lastly, it appears that the tattoo artist was also unlicensed (shocker).  What do you think?  Bad luck or bad judgment?  Read the original story below.
Original article: Unregistered tattoo artist gets jail time after misspelling word on 13-year-old girl

Posted by: Eric Granof

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