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Dog Suspected of Causing Crash of Semi-Truck

Thursday, March 10, 2016

dog arrestedA semi recently rolled into a Minnesota gas station… literally. But the weird part? Nobody was in the cab.

A dog, however, was found behind the steering wheel of the semi, which was parked and idling before it somehow shifted into gear. It then crashed into a tree in front of a gas station, where a labrador found a labrador retriever sitting anxiously in the cab when the mayhem was over.

A witness, David Stegora, claimed he saw the semi crash into tree, and noticed a dog was in the front seat. An onlooker also found the dog while entering the out-of-control semi to place it into park. 

Police responded to the scene and took an accident report, but are still unsure if the dog was the deciding factor in the crash. All they know is that he was definitely sitting in the seat when the semi was shifted into gear. Coincidence? We think not...

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Original article:  Dog Spotted Behind the Wheel in Rolling Semi Crash

image credit: and shutterstock