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Motorcyclist Crashes Into Cop Car While ‘Carrying Beer’

Monday, March 7, 2016

motorcycle duiCarrying beer while you’re on a motorcycle probably isn’t a smart decision to make, regardless of what you’re doing. But doing that, and then crashing into an unmarked police car? That’s even worse!

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to this poor mate in Australia. The motorcyclist struck the back of the cop car, fell down, and was injured as he tried to flee the scene. 

Turns out the police car was traveling through a GREEN light, when it was struck from the passenger side by the small motorcycle the 45-year-old man was riding. Turns out he is going to be OK after being taken to the local hospital, but he still has some explaining to do. 

On top of all of that, he was riding an unregistered motorcycle. Police will also determine whether the beer he was carrying played any part of the crash. 

We’re guessing he probably had a couple pints before his ride!

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Original article: Motorcyclist ‘Carrying Beer’ Crashes Into Police Car in Melbourne’s Outer South