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Cops Called on Monkey for Eating People’s Mail

Monday, October 12, 2015

monkey businessYou may have had experiences in the past with people snooping through your mail and maybe even stealing it. That is a federal offense! But I bet you’ve never had to worry about a monkey being the one doing the damage!

That’s what happened down in Florida recently. A resident of a Florida town called police to report that there was a monkey in their driveway eating their mail out of the mailbox. I bet they don’t get a call like that everyday!

When the cops arrived to take care of this monkey business, “Zeek” decided to jump on a squad car and pull off the molding from one of the vehicles. Turns out he was an escaped monkey that a neighbor owned and just wasn’t having it anymore with being in confinement. 

Zeek continued to wreak havoc among the neighborhood by climbing traffic signs and making repeated attempts to further destroy the police vehicle. There finally was something that saved the day and distracted the little guy enough to be contained… a water bottle!

Turns out monkeys love water bottles and Zeek was able to be distracted long enough until his owner came over to retrieve him. Looks like they got that monkey off their back!

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Original article and image credit: Escaped Monkey Named Zeek Causes Mischief to Police Car