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Woman Calls 911 4 Times Because Her Roommate Was Bothering Her

Sunday, October 11, 2015

bad roommateWe are not sure what people don’t understand about using 911 as an emergency calling system, but this West Palm Beach woman didn’t get the memo.

Junes Rose Gines, 20, was arrested after repeatedly calling 911 (four times to be exact), simply to say that her roommate was “bothering” her by turning the light switch on and off and repeatedly knocking on the door to bother her. 

Deputies gave her multiple warnings reminding her that she should only be using 911 for actual emergency situations and if she continues to call, she may be arrested. However, Gines was undeterred. When she called for the fourth time in an hour, the police decided to take a trip to sort this out once and for all. 

Upon arrival, Gines demanded that her roommate be arrested for turning the light switch on and off. Gines told the deputies that she “will call whenever she wants and do whatever she wants” and went to call 911 again with the police standing in front of her! Little Miss Sassy pants was handcuffed, arrested and taken to jail, where she remained overnight. Looks like her bothersome roommate got the last laugh!

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Original article and image credit: West Palm Beach Woman Calls 911 Four Times Because Her Roommate Was Bothering Her