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Bail Bonds, Teachers and Cheaters: Why Teach When You Can Cheat

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

CheatingHave you ever heard of the phrase that there is no "I" in team?  Well, along that same way of thinking, there is however a "cheater" in teacher.  Other than being comprised of the same letters, the words “cheater” and “teacher” have two very different meanings.  At least they did until late last week.  In Atlanta, Georgia, being a teacher isn’t what it used to be.  In fact, the teaching profession got a big “Fail” last week when 35 defendants were indicted on 65 counts including racketeering, making false statements and improperly influencing witnesses.

The charges go back to student competency exams taken back in 2009.  According to a state investigation in 2011, 180 educators were implicated at 44 Atlanta schools.  This included 38 principles.  The charges are being classified as a conspiracy with multiple parts being carried out by different players.  This included modifying student tests to improve the results and overall image of the school district.  Unfortunately the plan backfired and was uncovered during a 21 month long investigation.  There has been several bail bonds set for those involved in the scandal with the largest one belonging to the Superintendent at $7.5 Million.  The Superintendent or ringleader in this case is potentially looking at 45 years in prison if convicted.  Her attorney hopes to get her off with writing “I will not modify student’s test scores” on the white board 10 million times along with school detention with no recess or participation in school clubs…but most legal experts believe that the judge won’t go for that…we have to tend to agree.  Read the original story below.
Original article: Some Atlanta school cheating suspects face $1M bond

Written by: Eric Granof