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Bail Bonds, Naked Pics and an Angry Scarlet Johansson

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

mad scarletHacking into someone’s cell phone might seem like a pretty ridiculous crime to most, but when that cell phone belongs to Hollywood starlet Scarlet Johansson, a ridiculous crime becomes a pretty serious one.  Just ask the 36 year old man who was sentenced yesterday to 10 years in prison for hacking into Ms. Johansson’s phone and stealing naked pictures of her to post online.  At the end of the day, some might say that seeing a naked picture of Scarlet Johansson might be worth being held without a bail bond or 10 years in prison, but to most the juice is probably not worth the squeeze.  I wonder how long a sentence he might have received if he had hacked into less desirable actress’ cell phone.

While no one would ever condone hacking someone’s phone, the question still remains as to why people seem to forget that pictures, cell phones, social media, etc. are not the safest places to store information (or explicit photos) about you.  Ultimately, once you take that pic and keep it on your phone, it becomes vulnerable…vulnerable to those out there who will break the law to get it…and vulnerable to those who don’t really care about your personal privacy.  That being said, we thought we would share our top five things not to take a picture of and keep on your cell phone or post online.

5.  Your election ballot…it is actually illegal in many states to do so

4.  Naked pictures of anyone in your family

3.  Yourself committing a crime….seriously, this happened earlier this year…
     see story here..."Ego and the Idiot:  A Facebook Psychosis."

2.  Yourself naked or in a compromising position…this always ends poorly
     for those who do

And lastly…..

1.  Scarlet Johansson naked…unless you think it is worth doing 10 years.

See the original article below.


Original article:  Too Harsh? Ten Years In Jail For Nude Scarlett Johansson Pics Hacker