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Ego and the Idiot...A Facebook Psychosis

Thursday, April 19, 2012

idiotIt took us a while to come up with a title for this next story, because there are so many things you can say about it.  We thought about using, "Bucket list or _uckit list", but refrained for common decency.  So we went academic and pulled out some Sigmund Freud...because anyone who would do what this next guy did, could probably use the services of someone like Mr. Freud.  But our hats go off to the source where we found the story, GIZMODO, who simply title the story "IDIOT." 

A 20 year old man in Kentucky thought it would be cool to steal gas from a cop car.  Apparently, it was on his "bucket list" know the list we all create of things we want to do before we kick the bucket.  BTW, I don't know about everyone out there reading this, but my bucket list definitely has some more meaningful and adventurous endeavors on it.  Anyway back to our gas can hero.  After completing this incredible act of bravery and mission impossible like caper, a photo had to be taken to prove that the task had really been done...and of course to add some class to any photo, you must stick a middle finger up. 

Now the important part, how does our young thrill seeker share his brilliance with his friends? Hmmmmmm, let's think about this.  Where can he put the photo where all his friends can see it right away and he wouldn’t have to call everyone and tell them or even email everyone and show them?  Where is a place that he can privately share his deepest darkest secrets to only those who he trusts the most?  How about Facebook?  If he posts the picture there, than only his friends and trusted comrades can see the photo, right? OK, let’s go for it…great.  Now that you have posted this photo of you committing a crime, let’s check those all important privacy settings.  Uh Oh!  That's not good.  Photo sharing settings are on public.  We call that a FAIL….and in this case, leads to JAIL...and remember in Kentucky there is no commercial BAIL (sorry for the rhyme, couldn’t be helped). Check out the original story below.

Original article: Idiot