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Bail Bonds and Wolves: Not Just Exotic, but Perfectly Legal

Thursday, October 3, 2013

wolfUsually, when we sit down and write this bail bond blog, we typically try to find a story that has something to do with the bail bond industry or find a story about someone getting arrested for doing something stupid.  But today, we thought we would mix it up and post a story that was a little different and a little more educational.  So here we go.

Have you ever seen someone in your neighborhood walking a dog that you thought might not even be a dog.  You know the type, looks like a German Sheppard but a little different…more dangerous looking…maybe a dingo…or maybe….even a wolf.  Well, in some states, that dog you see just might be a wolf.  According to a recent article on the majority of states prohibit the ownerships of exotics animals (Wolves fall into that category).  While the majority of states say no to wolves, there are still 21 states that allow some type of ownership of exotic animals, or in the case of this story, wolves.  Out of those 21 states, 13 require a special permit, while the remaining 8 states don’t require anything at all.  Those 8 states are:

So next time you are in one of these states just minding your business walking down the street and you hear a growl, just hope that it is your stomach growling and not your neighbor’s wolf.  Read the original story below

Original story: Here's Where You Can Legally Own a Wolf

Posted by: Eric Granof

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