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Bandits Beware: Here Comes the Pooch Patrol

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

pooch patrolAs we all know, heroes can come in all shapes and sizes.  And we aren’t talking about killing zombies as todays bail bond blog title might have you think.  Instead, today’s bail bond blog post is about a new set of crime fighters and heroes … a group that most people wouldn’t even think about…the dog walkers.

In Shakopee, Minnesota, criminals have their work cut out for them.  No longer can they prey on the local community with ease, but rather face they face their toughest challenge yet, and we aren’t talking about a new high tech police robocop.  Instead we are talking about something much less sophisticated but surprisingly more effective… your average joe daily dog walker.  And we aren’t talking the single walker…we are talking the multi leash, pack of dog walking fools (meant in a good way).  Now back to the point of this blog.  This small community noticed that many people walk their dogs each day.  And they do so at all different times during the day.  Putting one and one together, law enforcement in conjunction with community leaders decided they had stumbled across the most efficient and effective form of community watch…community dog watch. 

This dedicated and energetic bunch of canines now take their daily walks with a purpose.  They are combing the streets for the usual hydrants and grassy areas, but have added a new item to their list…bad guys.  The goal, report any suspicious activity to authorities.  With so many people out and about keeping an eye on the community, these multitasking canines have literally taken a big bite out of prospective crime in Shakopee.  Watch the news video and read the original story below.


Original article: Dog walkers a new breed of crime prevention in Shakopee

Posted by: Eric Granof

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