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Baby On Board...or...Toddler in Trunk

Monday, September 29, 2014

baby in trunkAs a parent, you learn that you have to be calm and in control at all times.  No matter how crazy things get, when you are with your kids, you need to be in control so they feel safe and protected.  In many circumstances, this is much easier said than done, but all you can do is try your best and not do anything stupid.  Well, today’s bail bond blog post is about a mom who pretty deserves and giant “FAIL” in the area of being a good responsible mom.

This past week in Florida, a young mom of 19 years, was driving in her car with her 5 month old baby and a 14year old male passenger.  She did not have a car sear for the baby, so instead the baby was riding in the lap of the male passenger.  The problem is that the woman also had a broken headlight that was immediately noticed by local law enforcement.  When they attempted to pull her over it took several blocks for the woman to finally comply.  When the police officer asked the woman why it took so long he could hear a baby crying but could see no baby in the car.  That is when he realized that the baby was in the trunk.  Apparently, the mom panicked under pressure and had the passenger place the baby in the trunk through the back seats.  She did not want to get in trouble for not having a car seat.  Well, as you can imagine, her solution was not one that was based in critical thinking but rather poor decision making.  She was ultimately charged with felony child cruelty and being held on a $7000 bail bond.

Original story: Cops - Mom Hid Infant In Trunk To Avoid Ticket

Posted by: Eric Granof

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