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Social Media Sleuths: Twitter Tracker Gets His Man

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

twitter trackerMany of our bail bond blogs over the past few years have been about criminals doing stupid things and getting themselves arrested.  Many of these stories have involved social media and the posting of incriminating photos or videos by criminals.  Today’s bail bond blog post however is a little different.  It involves a person using social media to catch a criminal as opposed to the criminal using social media to catch themselves. 

This past week in Philadelphia, a crime may have been solved with the use of social media…and not by law enforcement.  This time, the sleuth was a twitter member who had some time on their hands and some pretty good social media skills.  From Facebook to Twitter the good Samaritan was able to track down and identify the subjects in the police issued video from their social media activity.  The identities haven’t been confirmed but Police are looking into them.  Read the original article and watch the video below.

Original article: Philadelphia Hate Crime Suspects Identified With The Help Of Social Media (VIDEO)

Posted by: Eric Granof

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