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Angry Commuter Head Butts Bus, Gets Knocked Unconscious

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We all know about road rage. But when you’re commuting on a bus, isn’t that supposed to help your stress level go down? Not for this Florida man, who was super ticked that the bus driver was going to charge him three more dollars for another stop. His course of action? Head butt the side of the bus, of course!

He obviously forgot that buses are made pretty sturdy and his poor head didn’t stand a chance. He was knocked unconscious immediately.

After being left on the floor in a daze, police took him into custody to sort the mess out. We’re thinking he probably should have just paid the $3! A bottle of aspirin costs more than that!

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Original article credit: Angry Commuter Headbutts bus in a rage - it doesn’t end well for him