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Drunk Man Calls 911 to Report Crash, Really Just Needed A Ride Home

Thursday, July 23, 2015

man arrestedWhile most people would call a cab if they needed a ride home after having a few too many cocktails, this 38-year-old decided he’d call the police.

Police said he called 911 twice to report a car accident, but it ended up being a cover story because he really just needed a ride home. After calling the first time and not having the cops respond fast enough (because they were handling actual emergencies), he called again to ask where the police were. Oh boy…

When the cops did arrive they were unable to locate the accident that was reported, but soon found the gentleman who made his true intentions known. He just needed a ride home.

The man was charged with falsely calling 911 and with improper behavior. Maybe next time this guy should call a friend, a taxi or Uber!

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Original article and image credit: Drunken Man Seeking Ride Home Calls 911 To Report Fake Crash