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The Commercial Bail Bond Industry and Wisconsin: Why Change Can Be Good

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wisconsin Bail BondsYou have probably heard by now, Wisconsin is on the brink of bringing back the commercial bail bond industry.  After over 30 years of running a criminal justice system that includes only a couple of release options for judges and defendants, the state is taking steps to broaden and improve those options.  Currently both opponents and supporters are waiting on pins and needles for the Governor to either sign or not sign the bill that would allow commercial bail to return.

So you are probably asking yourself, what is the problem?  Why would Wisconsin not want to have a pretrial release system in place that has been proven to the most effective in getting people back to court?  Why wouldn’t Wisconsin want a criminal justice system that holds people accountable and gives victims a chance at justice?  Why wouldn’t Wisconsin want to save taxpayers millions of dollars by providing a more cost effective solution that also generates significant tax revenue to the state?  These are all great questions and ones that people in Wisconsin need to understand while they await the final decision of the Governor.

This past week, AIA’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Eric Granof, spoke with Wisconsin Public Radio about the reintroduction of commercial bail into the state through a five county pilot program.  Also interviewed was a person who was not in favor of commercial bail’s return.  Click on the orange arrow below to hear the interviews and you judge for yourself.