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Consumer Warning!!! Bail Bond Scam

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

warningPlease forward on this warning to as many people as you can.  A new scam has been circulating around (currently in the Spokane, Washington area) where people are posing as jailers collecting bail bond money. 

The calls come in to a local business and the person identifies them as a corrections officer or sheriff.  They then inform the business owner that one of their employees has been arrested and needs money for a bail bond.  They won’t give a name but will let you give names until they say yes, that is the person.  Please beware of any phone call you receive from anyone claiming to be law enforcement or a bail bond agent. 

Remember a bail bond agent should NEVER contact you directly out of the blue without you making an initial inquiry.  If you do get a call from a bail agent, more often than not, it is someone who is violating the law and soliciting your business because they have illegally obtained a defendants information online.  Only work with professional agents that come from referrals or that are certified by others.  For example, all ExpertBail Agents are verified by the largest underwriter of bail bonds in the country.  When you see the ExpertBail brand endorsement you know you can trust the agent.  

Original article: Phone scam targets Spokane businesses