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Bail Bond Agents Making a Difference in Southern California

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bail Bond Agents making a differenceWhen most people think of the bail profession, they think of dark dingy offices with shady characters.  Rarely would someone think of a smart, beautiful, confident woman who is a community leader, a proud mother and grandmother, and a cancer survivor. Well in Pomona, California, there is one of these amazing women and yes, she is a bail bondsman.  This past week, ExpertBail agent Gloria Mitchell put on her 10th annual T.E.A for You (Teen parents Excelling through Adversity) event.   The TEA provides much needed inspiration, education and support to young parents and parents-to-be in a positive setting among their peers and those that have faced similar challenges presented by life as (or the product of) teenaged parent(s).  Students enrolled in the Cal SAFE program from 6 participating schools submitted essays sharing their struggles, future goals and aspirations and plans to achieve them.   A number of essays are selected by the sponsors and the girls receive $500 scholarships from the various sponsors.

In its 10th year, the T.E.A. for You program continues to make a positive impact on the lives of so many, including teen parents, their children and families, and the community as a whole.  Even so, “this is only the beginning!” says Gloria, who has been working diligently with her newly formed Non-Profit company to build partnerships and gain funding and support from other like-minded organizations and individuals.   Her vision is to provide these students with as much help as possible to achieve their educational goals, while offering invaluable connections to health, safety, and support services. 

Written by: Eric Granof

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