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ExpertBail Agent Ralph Williams Setting The Record Straight in Alabama

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ralph WilliamsFor most people, when they think about the bail bond profession, they think about Bounty Hunters.  Why not?  That is what Hollywood and the media want us to think.  Why…because it sells tickets.  The reality of the bail bond profession is much different than the producers of reality television would like you to believe.  Just ask ExpertBail Agent Ralph Williams of Alternative Justice Bail Bonds, who spent the day with a local Alabama CBS reporter and showed her exactly what a bail agent does.  And just for the record, Ralph didn’t kick in one door all day or have to pepper spray anyone.  Instead, he spent the afternoon talking to high school kids about the importance of education and staying out of trouble.  In Ralph’s mind, that is what he is supposed to do as a bail agent.  He plays an essential role in not only helping people out of a difficult situation in life, but more importantly, in helping them avoid those situations all together in the first place.  Check out the video of the news story below.