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Despicable Them: Rising Above a Rotten Reputation

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Read this insightful case study below on ExpertBail that was published today by MarketingProfs. It accurately describes the objective of ExpertBail and how we hope to clean up a bad brand reputation and defy the industry's negative image.

MarketingProfsGuilty by association. That's a tough place to start when you're trying to launch a new brand, particularly the first major brand in your category. But that's exactly where AIA, the nation's largest and oldest network of bail bond agents, found itself when it set out to differentiate its agents from the rest.

Though relatively unbranded in the traditional marketing sense, the bail bond industry is a long way away from being completely unbranded. Images of Dog the Bounty Hunter and other interesting characters have made certain of that. More than simply launching a new brand, the challenge for AIA became how to overhaul that perception.

Through an amusing online and offline campaign, consumer education, community events, strategic partnerships, personable content, and a healthy dose of search engine optimization (SEO), AIA is demonstrating how it is possible to rise above an undeserved reputation in a relatively short amount of time...

To read the rest of the article, click on the following link, Despicable Them: Rising Above a Rotten Reputation.

Marketing Profs
Despicable Them: Rising Above a Rotten Reputation
by Kimberly Smith
Published on May 10, 2011