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Dog in New Mexico 'Arrested' for Attack on Elf on the Shelf

Monday, December 18, 2017

josie the dogThis dog is learning the hard way that if you do the crime, you have to do the time.

Josie the dog was taken into custody after being accused of attacking a family’s beloved Elf on the Shelf. 

Shane Ferrari, her owner, woke up with his family to find the elf headless and scattered in pieces all over the floor. After conducting a full investigation, they quickly found bits of stuffing next to Josie’s doggie door and knew they found the culrpit.

Josie was quickly taken into custody for the horrible holiday attack, while friends and family of the beloved elf held a vigil in the elf’s honor.

Ferrari later posted pictures of Josie’s mug shot, which has been viewed on social media nearly 400,000 times. RIP Elf on the Shelf… RIP.  It is unknown if Josie will have to post bail bonds for her wrongdoings or if extra kisses and snuggles will suffice.

Update: Josie's owner, Shane Ferrari for Sheriff, is going to keep the fans posted via his facebook page on the trial!

Folks, I have had a reach of 375,000 people with our “Josie the elf killer” story in less than 24 hours! As a Christmas gift to all of you, I will continue to post updates on the investigation leading to trial. Like my page to keep up to date on this holiday horror.

Will other witnesses come forward? Could it have been elf-defense? Stay tuned..........

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Original article: New Mexico Dog Arrested in Elf Attack

Image credit: Shane Ferrari for Sheriff via Facebook