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Man Stabs Friend During Fight Over Pizza

Monday, December 11, 2017

arrestedPizza is no laughing matter between these so-called friends! After an argument erupted over a slice of pizza, it turned physical and involved a golf club, a mop handle and a 5-inch buck knife! Well that escalated quickly!

Drew Cywinski, 25, became absolutely enraged when his friend ate a slice of his pizza that he wanted for himself. He got so angry he struck his friend in the head with the golf club (which broke), then pulled out the knife and cut the man in the chest several times. 
That must have been some amazing pizza!

Evidently earlier in the day, the two friends were smoking a drug called K2, which is a synthetic marijuana. When they finished, they parted ways, but made plans to meet later in the day.

The friend came back to Cywinski’s home later in the afternoon, where they hung out on the back porch. The man was hungry and headed inside to grab pizza that was on the kitchen table, but Cywinski quickly told his friend that was HIS pizza. 

An argument quickly started and before things got worse, the friend attempted to get his backpack from the porch and leave on his bike. But Cywinski followed him, grabbed the golf club and said, “I’m gonna kill you!”

The friend armed himself with a metal mop handle and started defending himself once the golf club made contact, but that’s when the knife came out. 

Cywinski was arrested on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and battery. He was being held at the local jail on $20,000 bond. 

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Original article: Argument Over Pizza Leads to Stabbing

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