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Chickie Leventhal

Making A Difference: Chickie Leventhal - ExpertBail Bond Agent - Bail Bondsman -

Chickie's Bail Bonds was created twenty-six years ago on the dining room table of Chickie Leventhal. She worked her way up from a secretary, to an Assistant Vice President of a national insurance company, to the proud owner of a successful bail bond business. Although much has changed in the twenty-six years of her tenure, many things remain the same. Chickie started her business with the notion that she would never be the “typical bail bond agent”. She made a promise to be honorable and not sacrifice her integrity, ethics or rose-colored glasses. She set out to make her bail bond business clean and safe, and stay away from the negative assumption the bail bond industry was under. She wanted to make a difference.

Today, all of Chickie’s work ethics remain the same. Because of the high standards she set for her business, Chickie’s Bail Bonds in Santa Monica, California is still going strong. This has been made possible with the help of her son Mitch, daughter Karen and longtime employee Debbie - a perfect team. She still maintains her integrity, ethics and her rose-colored glasses, even if they have needed an extra polishing from time to time.

We are proud to have ExpertBail Agents like Chickie Leventhal who do their part to make a difference in the bail bond industry.