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Woman Leaves Hospital, Steals Ambulance

Friday, August 26, 2016

Most people are super excited to be discharged from the hospital after they’ve spent a little time in one. This woman really got excited, apparently, because she decided to steal a running ambulance parked outside to drive home!

Lisa Carr, 43, was arrested several minutes later, after a short but sweet pursuit to her home. Evidently, she took the ambulance because she missed the last bus and really wanted to get out of that hospital and into her own comfy bed! 

An ambulance driver saw what happened and flagged down a cop nearby to report that his vehicle was stolen as he was taking a new patient inside. Carr, on the other hand, saw the empty ambulance as a blessing and hopped right on in!

She did manage to make it home, which was about 10 miles away from the hospital. She drove legally, and didn’t break any traffic laws on the way home. Well… except for stealing an ambulance! 

The cops arrested Carr right outside of her home once she parked the vehicle and she was booked into the local jail. She has been charged with theft, failure to comply with police and driving under suspension.

So much for getting home to her comfy bed!

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Original article:  Woman Discharged From Hospital Steals Ambulance to Drive Home

image credit: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office