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Best Man Scams Groom With Fake Bachelor Party

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

martyn galvinThis isn’t a nice way to start out a fun weekend for a bachelor party! A cheating “best man” scammed his buddies out of thousands of dollars for a non-existent bachelor party that he was planning.  But he wasn’t exactly up-front with what they were going to be doing, though!

Martyn Galvin, 30, claimed to have terminal cancer and was supposedly organizing the stag party for his buddies, which involved traveling, airplanes and hotels. Except, he didn’t actually plan any of it and pocketed everyone’s money for himself and lied about the cancer. Is this “best man” for real?

Turns out, this friend of the groom for 18 years spent the money on his own gambling habit, as well as buying a few extravagant items for himself. The bachelor party was gobsmacked when they arrived at the airport for their flights and realized absolutely nothing had been booked and nobody knew what they were talking about.

The groom had actually asked Galvin to be his best man much earlier and once Galvin knew he was going to be planning a bachelor party, he set his plan in motion to get a little extra cash! 

“I was beyond devastated. The fact he could do that to everyone is beyond belief,” the groom said. “I’m mortified that the biggest con man I’ve ever known was the person I asked to be my best man.”

So how did it happen? Evidently, before the big weekend away, he began complaining to the groom about not having any money and that he wasn’t getting what he needed from the other guys who were going. He claimed he had tests and an operation for bowel cancer, along with needing radiotherapy. 

Even when all of the men arrived at the airport to head on out, they thought it must have been a mix-up. They even found Galvin, who maintained that he had booked the flights, but wouldn’t be going anymore because of his cancer. 

Finally, Galvin’s mother found out the truth and broke the news to the shocked groom that not only did Galvin not have cancer, he swindled everyone out of all of their money. Galvin was in major debt and had planned to kill himself and later admitted fraud and was also found guilty of stealing money from his employer! 

Galvin has now been jailed for 20 months and the judge who sentences him called his fraud against the 23 victims a “brazen” move and he was a “persistent” liar. One of the “nastiest and meanest” he had ever encountered! And we’re betting that judge has seen a lot of creeps in his day!

Galvin has since been receiving help for his gambling addiction and with the help of his family, he has repaid all of the men their money. 

I think it’s safe to say that he lost his buddies and his role as best man. 

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Original article: Is This the Worst Best Man Ever?

image credit: Evening Gazette