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Woman Formerly Accused of Kicking Cake, Now Accused of Assault in Ice Cream Shop

Monday, August 22, 2016

crazy ice cream ladyYou may or may not remember Tricia Kortes’ story, but if not, here is a quick recap: Last year, she drop-kicked a birthday cake at a grocery store because she didn’t like the way it turned out. But she wasn’t done yet, folks! She has now been accused of getting violent again over dessert. 

She allegedly assaulted an employee at a local Ice Cream shop because they ran out of her favorite flavor. How dare they! 

“She came in and she wanted Mackinac Island Fudge, and we just didn’t happen to have it, we needed to make a new batch. She was infuriated that we didn’t have it,” an employee said. And of course, the entire thing was caught on camera!

Evidently, Kortes just wasn’t buying that they didn’t have her favorite flavor in stock. She kept insisting that they had to have had it somewhere and were simply hiding it from her out of spite. Who does that?!

“She got more and more agitated, started screaming at me, cursing me out, at which point, another employee came over and told her to lay off. But she started yelling at the other employee, telling her the customer is always right.”

At that point, the employees had enough! They said that if she kept acting like that, she was going to have to leave and not get any ice cream at all. That’s when Kortes absolutely lost it! 

She jumped over the counter, whacking the employee on the head and causing her to bleed. The cops were called right away, but Kortes took off before they arrived. 

Surprisingly, the business had no way to identify who she was, but then pictures surfaced of her drop-kicking the cake at the local Kroger, too. They knew they found their girl and they immediately called the cops and filed a civil lawsuit. 

Evidently, Kortes has a bit of an anger management problem. She also was reported for assault and battery at her workplace after shoving a co-worker and hitting her with a cellphone. Hopefully she can receive some anger management counseling and get the help that she desperately  and obviously needs! 

Employees of the ice cream store say that they have been as busy as ever and their most popular flavor? Mackinac Island Fudge!

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Original article:  Woman Accused of Kicking Cake Allegedly Hits Clerk at Ice Cream Shoppe

image credit: Fox 2 News