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Woman Finds Man's Face at Carwash

Friday, January 22, 2016


woman finds faceYou never know what you might find on the floor of the car wash when you go to get your vehicle washed. But we’re betting you definitely wouldn’t find a man’s face there! 
That, however, is what happened in Montana recently. A woman was washing her car when she found a man’s face on the floor. Kimberly Kriege called police immediately to report her findings. Instead of being consoled and helped through the matter, however, she found herself being “treated as a criminal suspect” by impounding her truck, demanding a blood sample and then held for several hours. 
Turns out the face belonged to Elgie Bedford, 81, who was traveling from Alaska to Texas to visit his children and grandchildren. Evidently, his car broke down and he was walking along Interstate 90 in Montana, when he was struck by a truck driver. Instead of calling law enforcement, which the driver was obligated to do, they left the body, knowing they could potentially get in trouble for it. 
Investigators now believe Bedford’s body was continually struck by multiple vehicles before Montana Highway Patrol officers discovered it the next morning. 
One of these drivers eventually made it to the car wash and cleaned their vehicle, leaving behind a portion of Bedford’s face on the floor. Kriege, however, was the one who ended up discovering it next. She found “a large recognizable part of a human face” and has now been traumatized by it, requiring “intensive psychological counseling.” 
Eventually, the crime was linked to a truck driver and the man was arrested after his co-driver ended up reporting that they had hit something. He was later sentenced to a 6-year deferred sentence for leaving the scene of the accident, giving him credit for 348 days already spent in jail. Prosecutors unsuccessfully sought a 2-year jail sentence. 
Kriege is now suing the truck driver for medical expenses and damages for lost income, negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress. We still can’t believe the driver didn’t get a far worse penalty for a hit and run that killed an 81-year old man.
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