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Woman Drives For Days With Husband’s Casket Beside Her

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This poor widow was having a hard time letting go of her recently deceased husband, so she decided to take him on a “traveling wake” that lasted for days along the Alaska highways. While she has not been accused of breaking any laws, it definitely is an odd story that involves a lot of ice to keep his body from decaying.

So here’s how it went down… police responded to a call, where they found a 78-year-old man deceased inside of an aluminum transport casket. It had been determined that the man had died of natural causes. The local mortuary eventually took custody of the body after authorities were called and the family is working on making more permanent arrangements. 

The woman claimed she just needed some alone time to deal with the biggest life transition she has ever faced. While she won’t be taking her husband back on the road anytime soon, she did do a good job of making sure he was well cared for before calling the authorities to make them aware of her husband’s passing. 

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Original article: Woman Drove for Days in Alaska With Husband’s Body in Casket