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Bank Robbery Suspect Hails Uber as Getaway Car

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

uber getaway carGetting ready to rob a bank, but don’t have a buddy who is willing to drive the getaway car? Just call Uber!

Luis Mallett, 29, attempted to rob a bank in Massachusetts recently by handing a note to the teller saying he had a bomb. When he started getting anxious that he was going to get busted, he ran from the bank and jumped into an Uber waiting outside! 

Police followed the Uber, thanks to descriptions by witnesses, and arrested Mallett, who was in possession of $700, which corresponded to the amount of money he stole. 

Mallett was charged with unarmed robbery and a false report about an explosive device, due to his note. But surprisingly, he isn’t the first to think of using an Uber as his getaway car!

Last year, a man in Maryland did the exact same thing after he robbed a bank!

Uber, at this time, has no comment. But we see why criminals would go this route! No splitting the proceeds, not worrying about trusting someone else. Bank robbers should think a little bit further ahead, though. Booking an Uber does leave a bit of a trail...

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Original article:  Uber: A Modern Bank Robber’s Getaway Car

image credit: Weymouth Police Department