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Woman Drives Drunk & Posts Live Video on Social Media

Sunday, October 25, 2015

arrested duiIs social media making people make more bad decisions than normal, or is it just us?
Whitney Beall, 23, lives in Florida and thought it would be a good idea to broadcast herself trying to make it home after partying the night away. And by making it home, we mean that she was driving herself home. Drunk. 

Whitney was broadcasting multiple videos on Periscope throughout the entire night and narrating them, as well. But once the police pulled up behind her as she was driving home drunk… and video taping herself, the videos finally stopped. It’s a miracle she didn’t hurt herself or anyone else around her. 

The police conducted a sobriety test, which Beall failed miserably. They also noted her slurred speech, glassy eyes and overall fogginess. What the police didn’t know yet, was that she had just got done posting videos on Periscope called “Drunk Girl Driving” where she made it clear she was, indeed, drunk!

At one point in the video, she actually said “I’m driving home drunk, let’s see if I get a DUI.” At one point during the video, other vehicles honked when she failed to move when a light turned green and she headed the opposite way of where her home was. By the time she was well into driving, she had 57 people following her dangerous adventures and two of those viewers called 911 to report what was happening and where they police could find her.

“Within minutes we found her driving, with a flat front tire, she hit the curb again and it was just obvious from that she was intoxicated,” the police said.
Surprisingly, Beall didn’t have much to say when the local news got wind of the story and tracked her down to give her side of the story. She did admit to it being a big mistake and that she learned her lesson. 

Whitney was arrested and released on a bail bond and has yet to appear in court to determine her overall fate. Hopefully nobody decides to repeat this silly experiment. 

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Original article: Lakeland Woman Arrested After Driving Drunk on Periscope

Image credit: LPD via Parascope