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Woman Charged After Creating Elaborate Sound System to Harass Neighbor

Thursday, July 30, 2015

stalking chargesAnnoyed with your neighbor? Blast loud music. ALL DAY LONG! Poor Peggy Westby has had a tough go of it in her condo over the past few weeks, because the neighbors above her have been persistently playing ear-pounding, house-shattering music that has been blaring all hours of the day. What’s a girl to do?!

Westby hasn’t been able to sleep or complete normal household tasks because of the constant disruptions and has tried to ignore the sounds by wearing noise-canceling headphones. But nothing worked. 

She finally had enough and involved the police. That’s when it was discovered that her upstairs neighbors had created an elaborate noise machine in their condo! It played workout music on repeat with an amplifier and several speakers that was created to purposely harass Ms. Westby. It worked!

Her upstairs neighbor, Marianna Seachrist, 41, has since been charged with aggravated stalking and has bonded out of the Orange County Jail. That’s called commitment!

Westby has attempted to resolve the issue in a civil manner many times, through mediation and the homeowner’s association, but nothing seemed to work. Even after Seachrist was charged, deputies still had to return to her condo 3 more times because of noise disturbances. Some people! And of course… no one answered the door.

Finally, deputies rammed the front door after making multiple attempts to have them turn down the music. Upon entering, cops found the elaborate sound system, a Blackberry tablet wired to the amplifier and looping a workout mp3 that produced a noise with bass that vibrated the entire room. 

And? They realized that it was hooked up to a smartphone so someone could operate the whole system remotely! Wow, no wonder nobody ever answered the door! That takes serious commitment, but we’re happy poor Ms. Westby has finally got the problem under control. 

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Original article and image credit: Woman blasted neighbor with loud music