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Woman Angry About Haircut Tries to Kill Barber

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

barberA woman recently left her hair salon, but just kept getting angrier and angrier about the haircut she just received. So what did she do? She headed back to the salon hours later and tried to kill her hair stylist.

Adrian Blanche Swain, 29, got a haircut but after three hours of stewing about how much she hated it, she showed back up complaining… with a gun!

Luckily, the gun jammed, and even though she tried to pull the trigger three times, the gun never went off. Talk about divine intervention!

“The gun had bullets, but malfunctioned,” the cops said. The barber and another person wrestled the unhappy customer down to the ground and were able to get the gun away from her and she was quickly arrested once the police showed up.

She now faces charges of attempted murder. Sounds like anger management classes will be useful once she gets to jail!

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Original article: Woman Angry Over Haircut, Attempts to Shoot Barber

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