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Neighbor Calls 911 Over ‘Walking Dead’

Monday, February 22, 2016

walking deadMany of us love the scary and thrilling show Walking Dead and put it on full blast at home. However, this family took it to a completely new level and scared the daylights out of their neighbors in the process!

A neighbor called 911 when they heard screaming from a house about someone having a gun. A second caller helped police get to the correct house when they heard things, as well.

The police came in (and lots of them) prepared and surrounded the residence, since they were responding to a call where there was possibly a gun. The officers heard “loud talking” from inside and also observed “flashing lights” and finally made their move.

Turns out the family, which included several children, were just watching “a show about firearms” and the two windows closest to the TV happened to be open. No danger for the neighbors, after all!

Later, it was determined that the family was watching the midseason premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead which chronicles life during the zombie apocalypse.

Unfortunately, the report doesn’t mention how the family responded to all of the drama that they caused. 

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Original article: Cops Surround Home, Find the ‘Walking Dead’

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