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White Lies and Jail Cells: Lying on Your Resume can Get You Thrown in Jail

Thursday, July 3, 2014

white liesAs the global economy continues to sputter along, the job markets in many countries have become increasingly stagnant and competitive.  No longer do graduating students have the difficult challenge of picking the best offer out of many from potential employers.  In fact, today, just with one job offer you should consider yourself amongst the lucky.  That being said, today’s bail bond blog post is going to tackle the subject of fixing the global economy.  Just kidding.  Instead, we are actually going to talk about what countries like the UK are doing to cut down on a fast growing, horrible, unethical and dirty crime…the crime of lying on your resume.  Yep, that is what we said, if you are looking for a job in England you can no longer lie (or embellish as us marketing folks like to call it) on your resume to make yourself seem more qualified than the next guy. The job market is so bad that the government is concerned about the growing potential for people to lie about their experience that they are now threatening to punish those that place inaccurate statements or claims on their resumes with jail time. 

Just imagine if this type of “white lie” became illegal in every aspect of life.  What would a first date be like if you couldn’t tell a little white lie or embellish an accomplishment or two?  The answer: it would be pretty uneventful and boring.  Anyway, the punishment being proposed is as high as 10 years in jail for lying on your resume…crazy huh?  So far no graduating students have been handed down a 10 year sentence for committing this ridiculous crime, but several have received 6 months for lying on job application forms.  It is times like these that you can truly appreciate America, where lying on a resume is considered par for the course and jail time is left for the hardened criminals that get busted for j-walking.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Student jail threat for 'white lies' on résumés

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Written by: Eric Granof

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