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TSA Worker Arrested After Stealing Cash From Bag

Friday, July 7, 2017

arrestedAs if the public needed more reasons to dislike the Transportation Security Administration employees working in airports… but one was shown stealing cash at a Florida airport in a video. 

Alexander Shae Johnson, 22, was arrested and faces a third-degree felony grand theft charge for stealing cash from a passenger’s bag. 

The passenger was selected for a pat-down search while going through security at Orlando International Airport, and saw Johnson standing near her bag. When she was finished with security, she went through her bag and realized cash was missing. 

She immediately contacted police. The cops found money in Johnson’s shirt pocket and he was arrested, despite saying the cash was his. After looking at video surveillance, however, it told a different story. 

Johnson has also been fired from the TSA and was released on bail from the Orange County jail. 

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Original article: TSA Worker Caught Stealing Cash from Bag at Orlando Airport

image credit: NBC Miami