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Man Lights Underwear on Fire, Walgreens Evacuated, Man Arrested

Thursday, June 22, 2017

man sets underwear on fireA man had a bit of an accident in Walgreens and ended up setting his underpants on fire! Unfortunately for him, it also prompted a storewide evacuation.  

Andrew Cheadle, 45, told the cops he had a bit of an accident in the restroom and was unable to remove his underwear. So what better way to remove them then to use a lighter and burn them off! Bad idea... 

Once he got the burning underwear off, he threw them into a toilet, but it still generated enough smoke to fill the bathroom.

You know where this is going… soon the smoke alarms went off! The entire store was evacuated shortly thereafter.  The suspect exited the store and told employees that he had started the fire, then left. 

The police found and arrested him soon after, but not for starting his underwear on fire. Turns out he had two felony warrants issued and he served up the perfect opportunity to get himself caught!   

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Original article: Man Sets Underpants on fire, Prompts Walgreens Eviction

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