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Thieves Dressed As Employees Terrorize NYC Apple Stores

Monday, June 13, 2016

stolen iphonesThese crooks were able to outsmart the smartest at an Apple Store in NYC recently. Not once, but twice! They were able to steal dozens of iPhones right from underneath their noses!

How, you may ask? By dressing as Apple employees! They were able to steal eight iPhones worth more than $5,300 from the store the first time around by distracting the actual workers. They showed up again and used the same ruse to steal 59 more iPhones worth $44,000! 

The second time around, a man dressed as a worker was able to snatch handfuls of new iPhone 6s phones from the storage drawer and handed them off to a female accomplice hiding out in the bathroom. 

An actual employee finally caught on, though, but by the time security arrived, the thieves were gone. 

Unfortunately, the stolen phones weren’t tagged with sensors and were unlocked, so unless they are caught soon, there are going to be a lot of stolen iPhones being sold around NYC! 

These thieves were no dummies. It’s likely they targeted the store because it happens to be a training location where nobody would question an unfamiliar worker in blue.

Yikes… We’re thinking they are going to put more effective rules in place after this latest scam!

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Original article:  Thieves Steal Dozens of iPhones from UWS Apple Store… Twice

image credit: shutterstock