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Thief Steals Wedding Ring in Open Casket

Monday, April 18, 2016

wantedIn a completely despicable act, this strange woman walked into a local funeral home after a visitation service and proceeded to steal a wedding ring from a dead woman who was lying in her casket. How horrible! 

Police had little information surrounding the event, but the deceased’s daughter said that she had never seen the woman before she took off with the jewelry. The woman was in such a hurry that she ended up tearing off part of the skin from dead woman’s finger!

The family is understandably devastated, as the ring symbolized the love between her and her husband, who had died three years prior. The theft occurred just one day after the woman had died. 

“I can’t believe someone would be that low,” the deceased’s daughter said. As she watched video surveillance of the thief jerking on her mother’s hand she continued, “It makes me stick to my stomach. I hope they catch her.”

Bill Vallie, the GM of the funeral home said that the video showed the woman parking her car and entering the building. She walked in and asked where the restroom was, but went into the room where the casket was instead. 

While the woman has yet to be identified, several still frames of the car’s license plate were recorded and are being enhanced for close ups. The deceased woman’s family plans on filing charges as soon as the robber is caught. 

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Original article:  OPD Gets Report of Woman Stealing Ring at Odessa Funeral Home

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