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Man Gets Into Police Chase While Uber Driver Naps

Monday, April 18, 2016

juan carlosWe’re sure this isn’t what this Uber driver was expecting after taking a cat nap in his own car!

Juan Carlos, 20, crashed an Uber car recently while trying to elude the cops. Where was the actual Uber driver? Napping, of course! 

Carlos has been charged with unlawfully fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle, driving without a license and several other traffic violations. So how did this wild ride even get started?

Carlos had hired an Uber driver in Philadelphia to drive him 200 miles to a college in central New York state. But the Uber driver got mighty tired during the long trek and asked Carlos if he’d mind taking the wheel for a little bit so he could catch some shut eye.  Carlos agreed.

But when a state trooper clocked Carlos going 86 mph in a 65-mph zone, he was quickly pursued by the police. Against better judgement, he refused to stop! With all of the hectic motion going on, the Uber driver woke up and demanded to know what was going on and told Carlos he needed to pull over for the cops. But he refused!

Carlos soon crashed the car and both men suffered minor injuries. That was one wild Uber ride! Both were initially taken into custody but the Uber driver was quickly released without charges.

We bet he won’t be offering up his Uber services again anytime soon! 

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Original article: Cops: Bronx Man Hires Uber Car, Crashes It Amid Car Chase While Driver Naps

Photo credit: NY State Police)