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The Ultimate Brazilian Blow Out: 28 Women Breaking out of Jail

Monday, February 9, 2015

jail break dominatrixOver the years we have seen and read about many different types of jail breaks.  Today’s bail bond blog post is about one jail break in Brazil that will definitely grab your attention in a dominating way.

Earlier this month, 28 inmates in a Brazilian jail managed to pull off one of the largest jail breaks in modern history.  You are probably wondering to yourself how they were able to pull this great escape off.  Did they dig a tunnel? Nope.  Did they sneak out in the dirty laundry? Nope.  Did they start a riot in the jail and then sneak out the back?  Not really.  This group of innovative inmates came up with a plan that directly attacks a man where he lives….right in the breadbasket.  According to reports, the women were planning a big orgy with the jail guards.  In fact 3 of the woman were dressed in dominatrix outfits.  They got the guards drinking a spiked whiskey and eventually were able to render them unconscious.  They stripped them down and handcuffed them all.  They then stole the keys, unlocked all the cells and the great escape was on.

According to authorities, none of the guards remembered anything from the evening.  We aren’t sure if the lapse in memory is due to an after effect of the drugs they ingested or if it is them recovering from bruised egos.  Whatever the reason, the next time 28 woman offer them an orgy, we hope they think things through a little more closely, because as we all can guess, this is the type of trick that has the potential to fool a man not just once, not just twice, but every time.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Fake orgy plot helps 28 inmates escape from Brazil jail

Posted by: Eric Granof

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